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Welcome to Caloundra City Autos fleet! We are a specialist fleet provider on the Sunshine Coast, renowned for making vehicle fleet procurement and management easy, exceptional service and diverse range of automotive brands. Specialising in Mitsubishi, RAM, and Honda, we offer an extensive selection of vehicles to cater to every business need, ensuring you find the perfect match for your fleet requirements.

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What is “Fleet”?

Fleet is a term utilised by automotive manufacturers to identify vehicles registered in the name of, and primarily used for business purposes. Fleet discounts are usually applied to the purchase price of the vehicle when a business purchases 2 or more vehicles at a time, or has 5 or more vehicles registered in the name of the business.

At Caloundra City Auto’s we’ve taken this a step further with some additional options for our valued fleet clients including:

  • Discounts for Fleet Vehicle Service and Genuine Parts
  • Finance Options
    • Leasing Options
    • Guaranteed Future Value (buy-back) options
    • Fully Maintained Operating Leases
  • Loan Vehicles
  • Extended Warranty programmes for service customers
  • Roadside Assistance programme for service customers
  • Vehicle wraps & Sign writing

Why Caloundra City Autos?

  • We have a wide range of Brands and Solutions
    At Caloundra City Autos, we understand the importance of variety and quality in building an efficient fleet. Our extensive range of brands, including Mitsubishi, RAM, and Honda, provides you with the flexibility to choose vehicles that best suit your business needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for rugged utility vehicles, sleek sedans, or versatile SUVs, we have you covered with options that blend performance, reliability, and value.
    Our fleet mission is to:
    • Make it easy – so you can focus on your business
    • Be reliable – provide with vehicle solutions you can trust
    • Be relevant – listen to your specific needs and provide real solutions
  • Tailored Fleet Solutions to Fit Your Business
    Some questions all businesses have regarding their vehicle choices include
    • Are the chosen vehicles fit for purpose?
    • Am I maximising the available incentives to reduce ownership cost?
    • Should I lease or own my vehicle assets?
    • Can you assist me with managing the businesses carbon footprint from vehicles?
    • What about changes to emissions regulations impacting business, such as NVES?
    • Can you assist me with disposing of vehicles?
    Our commitment to your business extends beyond just selling cars. We offer tailored fleet solutions designed to align with your specific business goals and operational requirements. From procurement and fit-out to maintenance and management, our experienced team works closely with you to ensure a seamless and cost-effective fleet operation. We understand the nuances of fleet management and are dedicated to implementing better processes and policies that support you in maximizing your fleet investments.
  • Expertise in Fleet Management
    With years of experience in the automotive industry, our service department is one of the most experienced and supportive teams on the Sunshine Coast, giving your business the confidence that vehicles will be maintained by professionally qualified technicians.
    Our fleet manager Paul Connolly and the team at Caloundra City Autos have an understanding of what it takes to manage a fleet efficiently. Paul has over 20 years’ experience in vehicle manufacturing within Toyota (Japan, Thailand and Oceania region) as well as Senior Management within Toyota, Isuzu and Volkswagen here in Australia and share this unique understanding of the automotive industry to support and advise you regarding the current automotive trends , such as vehicle electrification incentives and the potential impacts of the NVES for businesses.
    Furthermore, our team of is equipped with the knowledge and skills to assist you in every aspect of fleet management, ensuring your vehicles are always in top condition and your operations run smoothly. Our comprehensive service offerings cover everything from routine maintenance to complex fit-outs, providing you with a one-stop solution for all your fleet needs.
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We promise you:

  • Diverse Range of Vehicles: Choose from leading brands like Mitsubishi, RAM, and Honda to find the perfect fit for your fleet.
  • Customized Fleet Solutions: Get tailored services that cater to your business’s unique requirements, from procurement to management.
  • Expertise and Experience: Benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge in fleet management, ensuring optimal performance and investment returns.
  • Commitment to Quality and Service: Enjoy top-notch customer service and high-quality vehicles that guarantee satisfaction and value.
  • We do it all: procurement, fit-out, finance, maintenance, management, vehicle wraps and signwriting.
  • Fleet solutions for all fleet sizes – we can support any fleet size.
  • Community Partnership – we are actively engaged in the Caloundra Community and support a number of charitable organisations.

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